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Blood Brothers
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On Tour

This film is not public yet.  While complete, it is still making its rounds at festivals.  In the meantime, feel free to learn about the film and see some stills from production. Or, you can always contact me to learn more about the film or its expected release date.

Two classy gents come into a quarrel on their afternoon of relaxation, but quickly learn they have more in common than smoke and solitude.

Blood Brothers was produced in partial fulfillment of my M.F.A. applications to the American Film Institute Conservatory, and also to Columbia University School of the Arts. The story was written as a means of satisfying the requirements of two separate prompts. The final product is prefaced with a disclaimer, indicating that it was produced for a 36 hour film challenge. There was no formal competition; it was a personal challenge—the challenge of shooting and editing a satisfying short for the purposes of my applications from a Friday morning, to Saturday night. 


The film was practically self-funded on a budget of roughly $200, utilizing most of my own personal equipment and props. In regards to location, Blood Brothers was filmed entirely at the Hanover Vegetable Farm in Ashland, Virginia, courtesy of a mutual friend, Chase Sears, who also stars in the project. The story was particularly influenced by my interest in classism, in addition to my admiration for the horror genre. Furthermore, I wanted to test my comfort in navigating a more lighthearted tone, as such elements are largely absent from my undergraduate work. This serves as my most overtly comedic project, to date. 

In a way, my work on Blood Brothers was rewarding in another context, aside from simply being able to submit my applications. As most of my spare time in 2019 was consumed by A Story Revealed (2020), I was unable to complete several projects by the end of the year, which had been filmed, but not yet edited. The Landlord (2019) was the sole exception. Therefore, crafting Blood Brothers in a relatively short amount of time provided a refreshing end to a year which otherwise seemed skimpy, regarding my creative output. However, 2020 will certainly provide plenty of time for new releases. 




W. Trent Welstead


W. Trent Welstead


W. Trent Welstead

Jared Hottle

Chase Sears

Director of Photography

W. Trent Welstead

Original Music

Nicholas Potthoff


W. Trent Welstead

Special Effects

Sara McGehee

Production Assistant

Taylor LaBrecque

Poster Designer

Chance Lee


Michael Myers

Jared Hottle

Jason Vorhees

Chase Sears


Sara McGehee


Production Photos

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