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Now on separate journeys, two young women revisit their secret space, immersed in the memories which continue to link their spirits together.


We created Harmony for our Underground Cinema & Culture class at Virginia Tech. Amidst several other projects and commitments between our collective schedules, it was enjoyable work for everyone involved. The film was practically self-funded on a budget of roughly $100, utilizing most of Grant McMillan’s personal equipment. In regards to location, Harmony was filmed entirely at a local park, known as the Heritage Community Park and Natural Area. The story was particularly influenced by improvisation, and the Kuleshov effect, in that a film’s meaning derives from the sequencing of otherwise random images and scenarios, as opposed to those isolated elements. A loose script was prepared, in addition to brief character profiles, but the final product was genuinely born in the editing room. The idea spawned from my desire to explore LGBTQ+ characters specifically through the lens of more personal, underground expression. In any case, my primary hope is that viewers simply enjoy the finished product.


This was my first short film created without longtime music collaborator, Nicholas Potthoff, who scored my previous eight projects. I wanted experience working with a different composer, in order to become accustomed to different methods of working, to learn a new musical vocabulary. Just like my cherished partnership with Nick, working with Brandon Hale was a treasured experience every step of the way. This choice to expose myself to a new music artist was immensely valuable, and allowed me to better appreciate each of their respective methods.


Released only a few days before graduation, Harmony effectively serves as my final undergraduate short film.




W. Trent Welstead


W. Trent Welstead


W. Trent Welstead

Director of Photography

Grant McMillan


W. Trent Welstead


Brandon Hale​


Production Assistant

Kristina Gulczewski

Poster Designer

Grant McMillan


The Players

Catherine Crossett

Madison Surry


Production Photos

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