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Highway Vision

Highway Vision is Trent Welstead’s production company and creative mission whose focus can be summarized in one word—progress. Much like a highway system easily connects us to others physically, cinema allows us that same ease of access, culturally—it is a universal language. While the phrase “stay-in-your-lane” motivates Highway Vision’s expeditious project management, the company recognizes that viewers have a multitude of interests and intersectional identities. There are many unique stories, fascinating forms, and underrepresented communities which other producers will simply pass. Highway Vision accelerates once a cutting-edge project is discovered and stays up-to-speed through its distribution to audiences.


With a hybrid work model, Highway Vision employs freelancers who seek their onramp to more consistent and reliable creative productions—without being tethered to only one route in their journey. Welstead’s track record spearheading his own award-winning creative projects in addition to his forthcoming value add as a transactional attorney uniquely positions him to successfully navigate the evolving media landscape and creator economy alongside those who come onboard.

Official website and company logo forthcoming. Please check back for updates. 


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