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An isolated young woman experiences a series of sparks after a chance encounter with her edgy, outgoing opposite.

Caitlyn Murray and I created Spark for our Fiction Cinema Production class at Virginia Tech, having previously worked together on Essence (2017), my own film for the same class. Amidst several other projects and commitments between our collective schedules, it was enjoyable work for everyone involved.  The film was practically self-funded by Caitlyn on a budget of roughly $100, while also utilizing most of my own personal camera equipment. In regards to location, Spark was filmed exclusively throughout Downtown Blacksburg, mostly on nights with substantial activity. 


The experience was unique, in the sense that I had a significant role in film which I neither wrote, nor directed. In particular, having sole responsibility over the lighting and camerawork taught me valuable lessons, to say the least. Nevertheless, as I was involved with Spark in some capacity, from its initial conception, all the way through the final edit—even fortunate enough to once again work with my regular music collaborator—Nicholas Potthoff. Caitlyn's passion project serves as a welcome example of my own style, at the time in which it was produced. 


Though I didn't write the script, I became quite familiar with Caitlyn's own interests throughout production, always probing for deeper discussion. Do we really know ourselves entirely, at any given moment? Furthermore, perhaps self-discovery requires a bit more than merely the self?

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Sarah McCliment


Caitlyn Murray

Executive Producer

W. Trent Welstead


Cai​tlyn Murray

Director of Photography

W. Trent Welstead


Nicholas Potthoff



W. Trent Welstead

Caitlyn Murray

Camera Operators

W. Trent Welstead

Caitlyn Murray

Madison Hummel


Caitlyn Murray

W. Trent Welstead


Sarah McCliment

Caitlyn Murray

Sedona Whitmore

Caroline Strohman

Madeline Montgomery

Poster Designer

Aline Souza



Micah Untiedt​


Molly McIntyre

Frat Guys

James Zogran-Werness

Grayson Wimbish


Miles Gheesling

Selected Screenings & Awards

For the complete list, see my CV.


The Progeny Short Film Festival

Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts Spring Showcase



Progeny Short Film Festival

Audience Award | Winner


Production Photos

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